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HYSHIELD’s™ brand exclusive formula harnesses the strength of crustacean exoskeletons, extracting chitosan from crab shells, a by-product of thriving crab fisheries. This chitosan, inherently non-toxic, biocompatible, and eco-friendly waste from the seafood industry, serves as a potent weapon against diseases and pathogens by cleverly triggering a defensive response in plants. By simulating a pest attack, prompts the plant’s immune system to activate and start its protective mechanisms.

In the realm of agriculture, HYSHIELD™ brand finds application in seed, leaf, fruit, and vegetable sprays, serving also as a fertiliser, delivering astounding outcomes. Chitosan not only shields plants from harmful organisms but significantly increases plant productivity, culminating in larger yields and superior-quality harvests. As a foliar spray or drench, HYSHIELD™ bolsters plant resilience against extreme temperatures without compromising their functions, substantially enhancing cutting strike rates. Moreover, HYSHIELD™ seamlessly integrates with various nutrient and supplement programs, ensuring compatibility across agricultural practices.

Hyshield’s Plant Protection Solutions

Hyshield’s plant protection solutions revolutionise plant immunity, fortifying them for resilient growth even in challenging conditions. Engineered with a unique formula derived from the exoskeletons of crustaceans, particularly crab shells, biocompatible and biodegradable waste Hyshield products offer an environmentally sustainable approach to enhance plant productivity and bolster the plant’s immune system.

With a focus on enhancing overall health and lowering plant functions’ susceptibility to perceived infestations, our foliar sprays and supplement programs act as a shield against harmful microorganisms. This unique formula goes beyond pathogen control by tricking plants and plant goes into protective mode, ensuring better plant growth and broad-spectrum disease protection. Shop your Hyshield products from our Hydroponic Global online store.

Strengthen Plants for Resilient Growth with Hyshield

Hyshield’s innovative solutions elevate plants’ resilience to survive and thrive, especially in high-heat or cold-stress environments. Our products, extracted from crab shells, particularly the naturally occurring compound chitin, offer broad-spectrum disease and pathogen control, dramatically increasing plant’s resilience to survive in high heat and cold stress environments.

By harnessing chitosan, a byproduct of crab fisheries, our environmentally sustainable approach protects plants against harmful microorganisms, enhancing conditions for astounding results. This unique formula, essentially non-toxic and biocompatible, secures plants against pests while offering an overall boost to their health and productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is HYSHIELD™ safe for plants and the environment?

Yes, HYSHIELD™ is essentially non-toxic, biocompatible, and biodegradable. It is sourced as waste from the seafood industry, making it environmentally friendly.

2. How does HYSHIELD™ control diseases and pathogens in plants?

HYSHIELD™ offers broad-spectrum disease and pathogen control by tricking plants into thinking they are under attack. This activates the plant’s immune system, providing a protective response.

3. In what ways can HYSHIELD™ be used in agriculture?

HYSHIELD™ has been used in seed, leaf, fruit, and vegetable sprays, as well as a fertiliser. It has shown astounding results in protecting plants and increasing productivity.

4. Does HYSHIELD™ contribute to increased plant productivity?

Yes, besides protecting against harmful microorganisms, HYSHIELD™ has been proven to increase plant productivity, resulting in a bigger yield and higher quality harvest.

5. How does HYSHIELD™ enhance plant resilience to environmental stress?

When applied as a foliar spray or drench, HYSHIELD™ increases a plant’s resilience to survive in high-heat and cold-stress environments without compromising its functions.